A humorous cartoon panel created by editorial cartoonist Vance Rodewalt. The characters began as two birds inserted in the corner of Rodewalt’s editorial cartoons in order to add a second statement. They became so popular they were spun off into a panel of their own, which was picked up by the Toronto Star Syndicate as a six day a week feature. It ran in about twenty-two newspapers in Canada from 1970 to 1979.


Article book:

The Hecklers. Writ. & Ed.., Peter Desbarates & Terry Mosher. McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 1979: 249.


Vance Rodewalt to Robert MacMillan 4 July 1990, reply to questionnaire.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON B\THE BYRDS Toronto Star Syndicate sheet.jpgTaken from Toronto Star Syndicate service sheet, April 3-8, 1978 supplied by Vance Rodewalt.