BOOKNUT PRESS                                                                                                            Location: 614 11th Avenue, Hanover, Ontario                                                                      Publisher: Jim Benninger.                                                                                                    Contributor: Jim Benninger & Tom Muzzell.

Characters: The Adapters: Salvador Constantine, Marion Hargreaves, Kenneth Martinez, Sean Newman, Kimberly Towers, Hewey Chambers, Striver, Commander.

This company published the periodical Thunder Comics presents Adapters. “The Adapters” were written and drawn by Tom Muzzell and “Golem” was a backup story written by Jim Benninger and illustrated by Tom Muzzell.

The first effort is a post apocalyptic story. During a nuclear war part of the population went underground to preserve and advance civilization. Most of the population above group was annihilated on mutated. In 2065 fifteen years later the underground population sends a team “The Adapters” to the surface story to prepare for the return to the surface. The backup story has a revenge theme.



Thunder Comics present The Adapters, 1-1, 1988. Ed., Jim Benninger. Colour interior.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE COVER COMIC BOOK\THUNDER COMICS, 1-1, 1988, fc.jpg                Thunder Comics, 1-1, 1988: Front cover.