BATES Wesley W

BATES Wesley W.




Content story & Cover dust jacket front:

The Black Bonspiel of Willie MacCrimmon. Writ., W.O Mitchell. McClelland and Stewart Ltd., 1993.

Cover dust jacket front:

Santa Claus: A Biography. Writ., Gerry Bowler. McClelland & Stewart Ltd. 2005.


Content memoire & Cover dust jacket wraparound:

From Stone Orchard: A Collection of Memories. Writ., Timothy Findley. Harper Flamingo Canada,

Content story & Cover book front & back:

Home From The Vinyl Café. Writ., Stuart McLean. Penguin Canada, 1998.

Content story & Cover dust jacket front & back:

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. Writ., Stephen Leacock. McClelland and Stewart Ltd., 1996.

BOOK TEXT & GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                        Published by Potlatch Publications. Editor Robert F. Neilson. Art Director, Mary Tach.

Content story text:

Canadian Children’s Annual, 1978,1977: “The Thing & Me.” Writ., Robyn Butt: 79-81.

Canadian Children’s Annual, 1979, 1978: “My Summer of ’42.” Writ., Victor C. Friesen: 65-71.

Canadian Children’s Annual, 1982,1981: “The Leopard and the Lady.” Writ., Dorothy C. Smith: 34-39.