“Ace Bradley” is a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. He and his pals “Lofty Smith” and “Shorty MacDonald” aid the secret service in fighting the Nazis, although these supporting characters soon disappear and “Ace Bradley’s” field of operations spreads to Canada and the Pacific.


PERIODICAL ANTHOLOGY:                                                                                            Published by Bell Features & Publishing. Colour cover. Black & white content.

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Commando Comics, …, no date: “Ace Bradley …” Car., …: …
4: Unidentified: 32-41.

5: Unidentified: 40-49.

12: Thomson: 34-40.

14: Harry Thomson: 16-22.

16: Thomson: 18-22.

17: “…and the Living Dead”. H. Thomson: 18-23.

18: H. Thomson: 32- 37.


A newspaper page of a military conflict

Description automatically generated Commando Comics, 4: 32.

A black and white comic page

Description automatically generatedCommando Comics, 16: 18. Car., Harry Thomson.