WAPLES Judith Ann (Jude)

C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE OF PERSON\W\WAPOLE Jude, Jude Wapole, 2018, .jpg                                               Self-portrait. www.judewaples.com.

Born: Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

In 1972, she graduated from Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburg and shortly after moved to Ontario, where she worked as a cartoonist and book illustrator. Among the titles she published are P.E.T and Tales From An Open Casket.

In 1985, she began work in giftware sculpting in clay castles that were then produced in coloured sand. In 1986, she began an advertising agency Wee Back Door Designs specializing in graphic design and packaging for companies including MacDonalds, Burger King Regal Greetings and Canadian Tire. At the same time she taught graphic design and computer at George Brown College in Toronto and Georgian College in Barrie. In 2003, she began Whimsikatz Painted Furniture painting and recycling old furniture. In 2007 she began to build half scale doll houses and furniture.




Content & Cover book front & back:

 P.E.T. and his unearthly adventures. Avon Books Of Canada, June 1983.



Site: judewaples.com. 5 March 2018.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\W\WAPOLE Jude, P.E.T. 1983, fc.jpg P.E.T. and his unearthly adventures. 1983, Front cover.