This company was organized in support of the project “USNA: The United States of North America”.

The concept began as a screenplay by David Longworth a poet, performer and writer, and Allen Stanleigh, another screenplay writer and film craft teacher, then adapted to novel format by Harry Kalensky, writer, actor and bass player. These three Vancouverites made up a team called the Reel Write Brothers. Dave Casey a freelance illustrator and designer living in Brooklyn U.S.A. did the artwork.

Subsequent to the first novel a trilogy, called USNA II, was developed. Francine Delgado, also of Vancouver and a senior designer at Nerd Corps Entertainment was added to the team as an illustrator.

The setting for this futuristic story occurs in an amalgamated Canada and U.S.A. united as the result of economic pressures and political intrigue. The union is led to discontent and rebellion.

The adventures in the first novel are organized as a road narrative. Carol Wheeler a high ranking official and her teenage son Carter begin a journey from Toronto to her sister in Calgary after the unanswered (to her) death of her older son Daniel. Along the way, her car is apparently hijacked by a rebel fugitive Jean Claude Boisvert. Over time she learns more about the rebels (that her older son was one), their cause and that they are really trying to protect her from the USNA establishment. Her initial scepticism about the validity of their cause provides the vehicle by which the authors can voice presumably their own opinions about the natures of Canada and the U.S. She meets the prominent rebel Emmet O’Brien and becomes aware of the arch villain Conrad who leads the USNA security forces against the rebels. There is a series of adventures along the road until in Calgary the climax of the story occurs.



Content novel & Cover book front & back:

USNA: The United States of North America. Co-writ., David Longworth, Harry Kalensky & Allen Stanleigh. Illus., Dave Casey. USNA Publications Inc., 2012.