SPHINX PRODUCTIONS                                                                                                    Location: 24 Mercer Street, Toronto.                                                                                  President: Ron Mann

Established in 1992, this film and CD-ROM production company was responsible for the film Comic Book Confidential which was produced and directed by Ron Mann; edited by Ronn Mann & Robert Kennedy; art direction, Gerlinde Scharinger; photography, Robert Fresco & Joan Churchill; sound recording, David Joliet, Tod A. Maitland & Brenda Ray; sound editor Steve Munroe. The graphic consultants were bp Nicol and Mark Askwith. The music was by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Keith Elliot. Dr. Jiohn and Gerard Leckey & Nicholas Striling of Strange Nursery.

A promotional booklet of the same name was published.



Comic Book Confidential. 1988. Design: Mark Askwith & bp Nichol. Lettering, Ron Kasman. Front cover & Page 1 illustrations, Chester Brown. Story, “Addicted.” Rick Taylor.



Book graphic:

Comic Book Confidential. 1988: Inside front & back covers.