It may seem strange listing “Prince Valiant” among Canadian creations, but Hal Foster was born in Canada and spent all his developing years here. He only moved to the U.S. when he was a mature artist.

Prince Valiant created by Harold Foster for King Features Syndicate first appeared on February 13, 1937. As early as 1934, Foster had proposed the idea to United Feature Syndicate which had turned him down.

Carefully plotted and laid out far ahead of time, this story was an organic whole reflecting the vicissitudes and joys of a hero’s life as well as the legendary times and society around him – which is the strip’s greatest narrative achievement. The action however moves slowly, due partly to Foster’s rather weighty text, partly to the static composition of his pictures (a fault most apparent in the last two decades.

The son of the exiled king of Thule, Valiant attaches himself as squire to Sir Gawain before becoming a full fledged knight of King Arthur’s Round Table. Brave and sometimes reckless he will fight for the glory of the king and for his own renown against the Saxons and the Huns who have come to invade Britain. He will roam the globe, all across Europe and to the Holy Land, as far away as the jungles of Africa and the forests of the new world in search of glory or the pursuit of Princess Aleta, queen of the Misty Isles” whom he will finally marry in 1946 and who will give him four children. Having thus become a pater familias Valiant will gradually fade out of the strip which becomes the playground of his elder son Arn.

Prince Valiant is clearly in the tradition of the novels of chivalry. This is the Europe of legend and folklore of which Foster’s achievement as an interpreter and chronicler of medievel lore is formidable. Prince Valiant is awesome as a work of illustration and fiction, but lacks rhythm and pacing and thus fails to be a trailblazer of the same magnitude as Foster’s earlier Tarzan.

In 1971 Foster relinquished the drawing of the strip to John Cullen Murphy – which only accelerated the feature’s steady decline of the last decades.

A series of seven novels faithful adapted from Prince Valiant and illustrated with a profusion of drawings from the strip have been published by Hasting House, and there were also a number of Prince Valiant comic books. In 1953 movie director Henry Hathaway adapted Prince Valiant to the screen with Robert Wagner in the title role and Janet Leigh as Aleta.



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