POTLATCH PUBLICATIONS                                                                                            Address: 2 Campview Road Stoney Creek, Ontario. Formerly 35 Dalewood Cresc. Hamilton, Ont.                                                                                                                  Owner/Publisher/Editor: Robert F. Nielson.                                                                        Art Director: Mary Trach-Holadyk, formerly Mary Trach.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s this company through its books and periodicals was an important promoter of emerging Canadian cartoonists and illustrators. In it one sees the early work of Ian Carr. Here one can see Michael Cherkas perfecting his cartoon style, and the earliest partnership between him and Larry Hancock which will produce the remarkable novel Silent Invasion and short story collection Suburban Nightmares. In these publications you can watch the evolution of the art of Martin Springett, still probably contain the best available collection of his early work. Lynn Johnston’sFor Better Or For Worse appears in an embryonic form in Potlatch Publications. Some of the earliest appearances of Arn Saba/Katherine Collins, and “Neil The Horse” appear in these publications. Tom Nesbitt flared here then vanished. The work of Michael Eddenden who later became an established editorial cartoonist. Potlatch in addition to “Jasper The Bear” provided us with other aspects of James Simpkins work.

Although Potlatch Publications is no longer as active in the cartooning/illustration field, it continues to publish authors in the Hamilton area.



Potlatch presents The 1980 Comics Annual. Ed., Ian Carr. 1979.


David we’re Pregnant. Car., Lynn Johnson. 1975.

Dear Teacher: A collection of parents, letters to their children’s teachers. Compiled by Emile & Diane Lizé. Illus., Tom Nesbitt. 1980.

The Slob’s Handbook. Writ., Elliot Dunlop. Illus., Tom Nesbitt. 1979.

When’s the last time you cleaned your navel?” Car., James Simpkins. 1976.



Canadian Children’s Annual, … Ed., Robert F. Nielson. Art Dir., Mary Tach.
…1975. 1974.

…1976. 1975.

1977. 1976.

1978. 1977.

1979. 1978.

1980. 1979.

1981. 1980.

1982. 1981.

Canadian Children’s Annual, 1983. Ed., Robert F. NNielson. Art Dir., Mary Tach-Holadyke. 1982.


Canadian Children’s Annual 1975, Monster Map. Illus., Laura Urquhart. 1974.

Canadian Children’s Annual, 1976, Killer Sharks and Sunken Gold. Illus., D. Matthews.

Canadian Children’s Annual 1977, Gypsy Joe’s World. Illus., Edeger Gonzales. 1976.

Canadian Children’s Annual 1977, Fairies Tales. (?) Illus., Laura Urquhart. 1976.

Canadian Children’s Annual 1979, Merlin’s Dream. Illus., Martin Springett. 1978.

Canadian Children’s Annual 1980, The City of Criij in the Kingdom of Zudd. Illus.,Tom Nesbitt. 1979.

Canadian Children’s Annual, 1981, The Pirate. Illus., Paul McCusker. 1980.

Canadian Children’s Annual 1982, Fact or Fancy. Illus., M. Springett. 1981.


The Canadian Children’s Annual presents Flobs in Space: A Puzzle Story. Story by Michael Eddenden & Puzzles by Marie Whitehead. 1982: 1-24. (This was a Supplement booklet attached to the back cover of Canadian Children’s Annual 1983.



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