This cartoon strip was created by Thach Bui and syndicated by The Washington Post Writers Group. It appeared in the Toronto Star circa 1996 to 1999 and in the National Post in 2000.

“PC Odata achieved middle age only to be ‘downsized’ out of a job and his marriage. Like so many cast out by today’s economy, he becomes a free-lance consultant with an office at home. He is available for hire by any PR firm, because advertising is what he used to do, but will accept almost any kind of work to make ends meet. PC is wired, but with technology always changing, is never quite as comfortable surfing the Net as his cat Pixel, an addicted Netsurfer who is never without her laptop. Pixel has a secret friend Digit, a mouse who hangs around PC’s apartment and likes to dispense advice over the Internet. No matter what PC does, technology always intrudes upon his life.”



Content strip cartoon:

“PC and Pixel.” Car., Thac Bui Toronto Star, 3 Aug. 1996: J12 to 3 July 1999:L13..

“PC and Pixel.” Car., Thac Bui National Post, 10 Apr. 2000 to 26 Aug. 2000:W21.


Press Release:

PC and Pixel by Thach Bui. Presented by The Washington Writers Group.