OWENS Mickey

OWENS Mickey

This cartoonist worked for Bell Features Publishing Co.



PERIODICAL GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                          All published by Bell Features & Publishing.

Content panel joke:                                                                                                          All black and white.

Active Comics, 6, no date: “…”:…
“No! No! Miss Brent ….”: 12. “They would transfer me to a park ….”: Inside front cover.

Active Comics, 7, no date: “This is a heck of a time for a bugler to get a tooth ache”: Inside back cover.

Active Comics, 8, no date: “…”: …
“Aw c’on Butch. Pick it open for me. I forgot my key”: 16.

“C’mon you big lug, stick your tongue out. There’s only a few more war savings stamps for you to lick! You want us to win the war don’t you?” [To dog]: 38.

“I don’t care how nice it looks with your medals. Take off that Canadian war savings stamp!!”: Inside front cover.

“No he’s not in the act. He’s just the night cleaner. He wants to get home early”:11.

“They must be the shock troops we’ve been reading about” : 28.

“This is a heck of a time to sound the Air Raid Alarm”: 64

Active Comics, 9, no date: “Oh quit showing off …”: Inside front cover.

Active Comics, 10, no date: “It’s from your wife …..”: Inside front cover.

Active Comics, 12, no date: “Calling Car 64! Calling Car 64! ….”: 47.

Active Comics, 17, no date: “Don’t mind me officer ….”: 41.

Dime Comics, 13, no date: Joke Panel.

Dizzy Don , 3, no date: Joke Panel.

Joke Comics, 23, no date: Joke Panel.

Triumph Comics, 12, no date: Joke Panel.