NOBLE Dennis

NOBLE Dennis

“In illustration, I solve a visual problem – I put what I have to put on canvas. Painting for myself is different – I put what I want to put on canvas. Still, I really enjoy solving problems.”                                                                                                Dennis Noble, “This Week.”

He immigrated to Toronto from London England when he was 13 years. “He soon ‘fell madly in love’ with a girl who studied art, and followed her to art class one day – only to fall even more madly in love with art.” [This Week]. He studied at the Ontario College of Art, and graduated in 1966.

In 1974 he won two silver medals for his illustrations both of which appeared in The Canadian.

Between 1966 and 1987, he appeared in art shows at Art Gallery of Ontario, Hazelton Lane, Paguarian, and Market Gallery: all in Toronto.

He has produced postage stamp series for Canada Post: a lighthouse series in 1981 which won the Stamp of the Year Award, a series of ten maple tree stamps for Canada Day in 1994, and a series of berry stamps in 2003.

He has won awards in the U.S.A. and Japan as well as Canada.


Article periodical:

The Canadian, 25 Sept. 1976: “This Week.”


Some information was taken from Dennis Noble’s website 12 Aug. 2015.