“Jack Lockhart” aka “Nite-Flyer” is the grandson of “Ladywing” an “Allied Enigma” agent during World War 2. Because of her hand gliding and parachuting expertise, he has studied the technology of unaided human flight and developed a high-tech cybernetic flight suit. He was fired from his job in the aerospace division of “Wayne Advances” after a colleague “Victor Panza” framed him for an act of corporate espionage. “Jack” set out to clear his name and exact revenge on “Victor”. He joined forces with Nitro-Girl and smashed “Panza’s espionage ring.

Later, he and “Nitro Girl” encounter Panza in a final confrontation in Northern Ontario, where they also encounter “Kirk Kingston” and former “Allied Enigma” agent “Tor’ma” both former inhabitants of the lost city of Cu’ron. At the conclusion of this story Victor is destroyed.

In dedicating “First Flight” to Jerry Lazare “Who did it right the first time”, this team may be suggesting that “Ladywing” is a reference to Lazare’s “The Wing”.


BOOK GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                                    Published by Cloudscape Comics Society. Editor Bevan Thomas.

Content serial:

Epic Canadiana, v.1., 2013: “First Flight.” Writ., Jason Wilkins. Illus., Jayleen Weaver. 70-82. This story was dedicated to Jerry Lazare.

Epic Canadiana, v.2. October 2015: “One Flew Over.” Writ., Jason Wilkins. Illus., Jayleen Weaver. Let., Jeri Weaver: 145-158. This story was dedicated to Jon Stables & Bush Pilot Tom Lamb.


Article book:

Epic Canadiana, v.1. Ed., Bevan Thomas. Cloudscape Comics Society, 2013: “Nite-Flyer”: 142.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON N\NITE-FLYER, Epic Canadiana, 1, 2013, 142.jpg                                       Epic Canadiana, v.1., 2013: Illus., Jaylene Weaver:142.