Initially created by Colin Upton “The Loon” comes in three versions. The first is the Upton version. The second is by Bevan Thomas and Andrew Macklin. The third involved Thomas, Macklin and Jeff Ellis.

“Loon 1’s” identity is unknown. He was based in Montréal prior to and during World War 2, and fought organized crime and Nazi agents. As the war progressed “Johnny Canuck” convinced the “Loon” and his “Flock” to join “The Allied Enigmas.” After the “Enigmas” disbanded at the end of the war, the “Loon” disappeared.

The “Loon 2” appeared during the Cold War and “Shade War”. His theatre of operations was global. He fought the enemies of Canada but was remote from the Canadian government so that he could not be connected to it. This “Loon” figure is portrayed as a series of individuals the last of whom was “Charles ‘Charlie’ Roy”. He was murdered in Afghanistan, his eyes covered by two Canadian dollar coins.

“Loon 3” appears to be an assassin or group of assassins killing the official “ Loon” agents. His, her or their signature is to leave Canadian dollar coins on the eyes of the assassinated agent. See “Epilogue”.



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