LEINONEN Christopher

LEINONEN Christopher

This Vancouver, animator and cartoonist is associated with Cloudscape Comics Society. He worked for DHX Studios on programs like My Little Pony and Planet X packages.



BOOK GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                                    Published by Cloudscape Comics.

Content story:

Exploded View, March 2010: “Shopping Lists”: 208-221. Colour.

Historyonics: Stories Drawn From The Past , Nov. 2008: “ Followers Of Ludd”: 95-100. Black & white.

Journeys. June 2011: “…”                                                                                                              “An Essential Business: Egypt”: 13- 18. Colour.                                                                  “An Essential Business: Ethiopia”: 137-142. Colour.                                                          “An Essential Business: Uganda”: 85- 90. Colour.                                                              “An Essential Business: Vancouver”: 185-188. Colour.

Mega Fauna. Oct. 2014: “Programming”: 169- 178. Colour.