Born in Estonia 1909. Immigrated to Canada April 2, 1928.

André Kulbach, the brother of René, was one of the small group of artists who made up the Hillborough Studio team although it would appear he was a minor player. He was an occasional cover illustrator and only sporadically contributed a humourous strip called “Unusual Incidents”. When Hillborough Studios discontinued operations, he with his brother and Adrian Dingle joined Bell Features & Publishing Co.

As time passed, he took over cartooning for Leo Bachle’sThe Brain” and Jack Tremblay’sWings Over The Atlantic” and illustration duties for “Dr. Blue and Blackie” while Spragett took over the writing. “Dr. Blue and Blackie” was originally written and illustrated by Marc Borgatta.



PERIODICAL GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                          All published by Bell Features & Publishing Ltd.

Content serial:

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25: 37-43. Car., unidentified probably André Kulbach . 26: 13-18.

Active Comics, 27, no date: “Dr. Blue & Blackie”: 52-56. Black & white.

Commando Comics ….no date. “Wings Over The Atlantic.” Black & White
4: 42-49 5: 27-34. 14: 32-36. 16: 26-30 17: 52-56.


PERIODICAL GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY:                                                                          All published by Bell Features & Publishing Ltd.

Cover front:

Active Comics, 25, no date: “The Brain.”

Triumph Adventure Comics, Nov. 1941. “Derek of Bras d’Or”.


Article booklet:

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Article periodical:

Joke Comics. 23, no date: “Welcome Home Gang.”  26.


KULBACH Andre Triumph, AugTriumph Adventure Comics, Aug. 1941: 39.

KULBACH AndreTriumph Adventure Comics, Nov. 1941: Front cover.