KOYAMA PRESS                                                                                                                Location: 401 Richmond Street, Toronto.                                                                            Owner Publisher: Annie Koyama.

Annie Koyama started Koyama Press in 2007 with the intention of publishing art books, but the retail outlets handling these book were closing and art galleries were cutting back and so she turned to graphic publications, first printing tee shirts in support of local artists, then moving into books with the publication the collective Trio Magus’ first book Trio Magus: Equally Superior. Over the next ten years, Koyama Press has become an established alternate press.


BOOK GRAPHIC:                                                                                                            By author:

DeForge Michael:

A Western World. May 2018.

Brat. September 2018.

Kyle Patrick:

Distance Mover, 2014.

Don’t Come Here. May 2016.

Everywhere Disappeared. September 2017.

Roaming Foliage. 2018.


Article periodical:

Quill & Quire, May 2017: “Accidental hero.” Interviewer, Serah-Marie McMahon: 19.

Article newspaper:

Globe & Mail, 12 May 2017: “From one-woman passion project to celebrated comic publisher: The animated journey of Koyama Press.” Writ., Sean Rogers..


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