JOUDRY Patricia

JOUDRY Patricia

Joudry’s radio play “Penny’s Diary” was the basis for the cartoon serial of the same name in Active Comics. The serial was drawn by Doris Slater. Although, the cartoon serial is credited to both Joudry and Slater it is difficult to determine to what extent Joudry was actually involved. Was she a partner with Joudry in creating the cartoon feature? Did Slater adapt the radio scripts? Or, was the radio series simply an inspiration for Slater with Joudry’s permission? A letter from Joudry’s attorney suggests that Joudry was not actively involved in the graphic presentation.

Joudry was born October 18 1921 in Spirit River Alberta but was raised in Montréal. By 1954 she had written 250 radio scripts including three comedy series “Penny’s Diary” CFRB (1941-1945), “The Alderich Family” (NBC 1945-1949) and “Affectionately Jenny” (CBC 1951-1952). She also wrote plays for stage and television plus several books. She worked in Canada, the U.S. and England. She returned to Canada from England in 1973 moving to Saskatchewan. She died in Powell River British Columbia Oct. 18, 2000.

One of her plays, “Teach Me How to Cry” began as a radio drama in 1953, then was adapted to television the same year, later staged professionally in New York in 1955, won a Dominion Drama Festival Award in 1956, then produced in London England’s West End theatre district (1958) under the title “Noon Has No Shadows” and was finally made into the motion picture “The Restless Years”(1959).


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