(19 May 1960 – 11 August 1961)

This comic strip was created by Gordon Johnston, see JOHNSTON Gordon, a cartoonist who illustrated it and Gordon Dewar a parliamentary reporter for the Ottawa Journal who wrote it. It was launched 19 May 1960 by the Telegram Feature Syndicate but strangely only began appearing in the Toronto Telegram from February 6, 1961 when Buchanan begins his second adventure in British Columbia. It lasted only until 11 August 1961. It appeared in 15 Canadian newspapers. Interestingly there was a French language version in La Presse.

Buchanon was a young newspaper reporter who roamed the country looking for stories. It seems though that he spent much more time fighting criminals. In one story he cleaned up a gang of racketeers in “Montreal, the gay Paris of North America”. In another he was fighting terrorists in British Columbia.


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Jeff Buchanon

Jeff Buchanon