This character appears to have been created by Bevan Thomas. Its inspiration is the World War 2 heroine “Nelvana” except in this case the physical features and clothing of Ikniqpalagao are more Innuit.

Ikniqpalagao an Innuit word for flashing light or lightening is claimed to be the daughter of “Sila”. (the Sky), although in Innuit legend “ Sila Inua” is actually formless with no personal characteristics and is considered to be the essence of everything. Ikniqpalagao’s function was guardian of the Innuit, but she was recruited by Allied Enigmas to fight the Nazis..

Although the first story involves the Nazi searching for the lost kingdom of “Thule” (actually a European myth), the real battle is Ikniqpalagao and her companion Corporal Terry Colt against the evil shaman “Kalatok’ and the “Great Beasts Of The North” which he is able to unleash. “Kalatok” and the “Great Beasts” are defeated and banished. The illustration style of Jeri Weaver gives the story a child-like feel as if the story is geared for youngsters.

The second story involves a rematch in which “Kalatok” is again defeated but Ikniqpalagao sacrifices herself to accomplish this. Whether her disappearance from the world is permanent is left ambiguous. Eric Johnson’s visual style for this story is very different from the previous story giving this story a much more adult feel.


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