Holmes Incorporated was conceived by Ty Templeton and used as a platform where various students of the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop/Comic Lab could try out various story ideas and illustration styles.

“Holmes Incorporated”, organized to keep the world safe, is composed of “Edgar Holmes The First”, son of Sherlock Holmes, who founded the organization after World War II, “Sherlock Holmes The Second”, his son, who now heads its operations, “Edgar Holmes The Second”, a son of Sherlock Holmes The Second , “Elizabeth Watson” an American cousin, the corporation’s field leader, “Arthur “Artie” Holmes”, computer genius and corporate millionaire, and “Sherlock Holmes The Third” called “Trey” Holmes is a daughter of Sherlock Holmes The Second.



Content story & Cover book front:

Holmes Incorporated, 1, September 2010. Ed. Ty Templeton.
“Welcome To Holmes Incorporated.” Writ., Greg Dunford. Illus., Chris. Yao. Let., K.T.Smith: 1-7

“Night Clubbing.” Writ., Kathleen Gallagher. Illus., Eden Bachelder. Let., K.T.Smith: 8-14.

“Peril In Paris.” Writ., Mike Marano. Pen., Alex Greychuck. In., Dean Dumont. Let., K.T.Smith: 15-21.

“Flight Plan.” Writ., Rob Pincombe. Pen., Gibson Quarter. In., Ty Templeton. Let., K.T.Smith: 22-28.

“Spring Loaded.” Writ., Maddy Beaupré. Pen. & Let., R. Wells. In., P. Desroachers-O’Sullivan: 29-35.

“The Bobby Bomber.” Writ., Rob Oakman. Pen., J. Rusland. In., J. Longstreet. Let., K.T.Smith: 36-42.

“Fingerless Prince.” Writ., Heather Emme. Illus., Adam Gorham. Let., K.T.Smith: 43-49.

“International Incident.” Car., Pierce Desroachers-O’Sullivan: 50-51.

“The Strand A.D. Online.” Car., Rob Pincombe: 52,54

Cover: Illus., Ty Templeton.

Holmes Incorporated, 2, August 2011. Ed. Ty Templeton.
“Meet Holmes Incorporated.” Writ. & Portraits, Rob Pincombe: 1-2.

“The Family Name.’ Writ., James Cooper. Illus., Daniel Wong. Let., K.T.Smith: 3-9.

“”The Old Man & The Sea Serpent.” Writ., Caruso. Illus., Desroachers-O’Sullivan. Let., Smith: 10-16.

“The Last Tango.” Writ., Darius Fox. Illus., Christopher Yao. Let., K.T.Smith: 17-23.

“Poker Face.” Car., Rain Infinity. Let., K.T.Smith: 24-28

“Old Wounds.” Writ., Marano. Pen. & Tones, G. Hogarth. In., K. Templeton-Smith. Let., Smith: 29-35.

“Mind Spiders of Madacascar.” Writ., Rob Pincombe. Illus., Drawson Chen. Let., K.T.Smith: 36-42.

“Reliable Sources.” Writ., Kathleen Gallagher. Design, Ty Templeton: 43-44.

“Underwater.” Writ., Yolanda Cheung. Pen., R. Pincombe. In., K. Templeton-Smith. Let., Smith: 45-49.

“Eight Seconds To Mayhem.” Writ., Kathleen Gallagher. Illus., Danny Setna. Let., K.T.Smith: 50-56.

“Enabled.” Writ. & Pen., Vince Tourangeau. In., Jeff Longstreet. Let., K.T.Smith: 57-61.

“Polarized.” Writ., Sam Ruano. Illus., Gibson Quarter. Let., K.T.Smith: 62-68

“The Green Blooded Murder.” Writ.& Pen., Marshall Geddes. In., J. Longstreet. Let., K.T.Smith: 69-73.

“Safe.” Writ., Aaron Feldman. Pen., Rachael Wells. In., Ty Templeton. Let., K.T.Smith: 74-79.

Cover: Leonard Kirk. Col. K.T.Smith.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON H\HOLMES INCORP Holmes Incorp 1, Sept. 2010, 7.jpgHolmes Incorporated, 1, Sept. 2010: 7.