HENLEY Patrick   

HENLEY Patrick

Uses pseudonyms Henriette Valium & Laure Phelin.

“There is no question that Valium’s work has greatly contributed to the evolution of comics in Québec and elsewhere. Its impact in the fields of comics and graphic arts has echoed well beyond Québec’s borders.”                                                      Mickey Zëdka. Trans., Rupert Bottenberg. BDQ: Essays & Interviews On Quebec Comics: 108.

Born: 4 May 1959 in Montréal, he began cartooning in the early 1980’s basing his stories on Montréal and his own life.




Content story & Cover book:

The Palace Of Champions. Trans., Peter Dubé. Conundrum Press, 2016. Previously published as Le Palais de Champions.


Content: story graphic:

Descant, 164, Spring 2014: “Lâcher des Chiens”: 127-136.


Article book:

BDQ: Essays & Interviews On Quebec Comics. Ed., Andy Brown. BDang/Conundrum, 2017: “Henriette Valium.” Interview, Mickey Zëdka. Trans., Rupert Bottenberg: 122-131.            “Valium: The Underground Comix Superhero.” Writ., Mickey Zëdka. Trans.,                                    Rupert Bottenberg: 108-121.                                                                                 Both essays first appeared in Trip 9, 2016.

The Palace Of Champions. Conundrum Press, 2016 “An Interview with Henriette Valium.” Interviewer, Mathieu Beauéjour. Trans., Peter Dubé.

Periodical text:

Descant, 164, Spring 2014: 255.