Diagram Description automatically generatedOwl, 11-1, January 1986: 21. Cartoon images of Emily Hearn & Mark Thurman on the 10th anniversary of “Mighty Mites”

This Toronto based writer, and co-creator with illustrator Mark Thurman of “Mighty Mites” the cartoon serial they worked on for Owl Magazine, from 1976 to 1991 was born 17 January 1925 in Markham Ontario.

She was also scriptwriter for the TVO program The Polka Dot Door. She worked at the National Film Board. She wrote programs on music dance and poetry for the CBC. Her writings appeared in a number of anthologies in Canada, Britain and the U.S. She was an editor with Thomas Nelson & Sons Canada Ltd.

She wrote Franny and the Music Girl and Hattie Pearl Click Click, two children’s books. She wrote two books of poetry Grass of Green Moment and They look Like This To Me.

She died 20 July 2015 in Toronto..


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