HAHN Andrew (A.) Shay

HAHN Andrew (A.) Shay

A Toronto based figurative artist who either operates through or owns Mad Craft Shoppe. In addition to the graphic periodicals listed below he has painted two murals for the Cameron House (Toronto). He had an exhibition at both the Cameron (November 1-30, 2013) and Seven Crowns Tattoo Shop also in Toronto.

His early interest was sparked by graphic periodicals. He went to York University where he got a fine arts degree.




Content & Cover front & back:

Battle Rally, 1, November 2014: “What Price Victory.”

Crypto Zombic, 1, November 2014: “Into The Dark.”

The Homeless G-Men. 1, November 2012: “Jawbonin.”

Content & Cover wrap around:

The Homeless G-Men. 2, November 2015: “Pick Your Battle pt. 1.”

The Homeless G-Men. 3, 2015: “Revolutions.”



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