C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE OF PERSON\E\ESTABROOKS, Spenser, photo by Colin Mcgillivray .jpg                                    Photo by Colin Macgillivray. Appeared in The Calgary Journal, 14 February 2017.

Born in the mid 1970’s on a farm near Red Deer Alberta.

He graduated from University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in film studies. He then completed a diploma in film production at Victoria Motion Picture School in Victoria B.C.

He moved to Calgary and eventually got a job at Acmeworks Digital Film Inc. where he rose to senior post production supervisor. In his spare time he did short films. In 2009, he released Deadwalkers (about cowboy zombies). With The Hunt (about Rocky Mountain monsters). he won Rue Morgue Magazine’s Best Short of 2013.

After leaving Acmeworks Digital Film Inc. in 2015, he has wrote, directed, edited and produced his first feature film, One Hit Die: Legend of the Lich Lord, which began as a four part web series. It won, in 2016 the Glencon Best Feature Film at First City Festival.

Sharkosaurus is a graphic adaption of Estabrook’s short film of the same name. The film Sharkosaurus was funded and mentored by Story Hive, a Teleus initiative which supports Alberta and British Columbia creators.




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