DRAWN AND QUARTERLY                                                                                              Location: Montréal.                                                                                                            Owner/Publisher: Chris Oliveros.

Chris Oliveros, a former bicycle courier, is the founder of the comic book and graphic novel publisher Drawn and Quarterly of Montreal. Circulation for its publications ranges from 5,000 to 15,000 copies per title sold in the U.S.A. and Europe as well as in Canada. The titles are published in English and translation.

He borrowed money from his father and published the initial magazine Drawn and Quarterly Anthology. It lost money as did the next anthology.

Oliveros worked on developing a roster of high quality cartoonists. Seth (Gregory Gallant) had an idea for a comic he named Palookaville. Oliveros decided to publish it. When Chester Brown’s contract with Vortex Comics expired he made a contract with him. He also signed on Quebec artist Julie Doucette’s Dirty Plotte and Joe Matt’s Peepshow. These four artists became the core of the company.

When the comics market collapsed in the late nineties, Drawn and Quarterly was little affected because of the older audience for its publications. The publications sell slowly but steadily.

In 1996 Oliveros and the Drawn and Quarterly artists were featured guests at the Haarlem Comics Festival in the Netherlands in Europe.



Lève ta jambe mon poisson est mort. Car., Julie Doucet., October 1993.

Long Relationship. Car., Julie Doucet. July 2001.

Madam Paul Affair. Car., Julie Doucet. July 2000.

My Most Secret Desire. Car., Julie Doucet. December 1993.


Drawn & Quarterly…. Editor, Chris Oliveros ….
v. 3, May 2000. v. 4, July 2001. v. 5. August 2003.

Drawn and Quarterly: Twenty-Five Years Of Contemporary, Cartooning, Comics and Graphic Novels. Ed., Tom Devlin & Chris Oliveros. Drawn & Quarterly, May 2015.


Dirty Plotte. Car., Julie Doucette.
1, January, 1991.

2, March 1991

3, April 1991.

4, Sept. 1991.

5, May 1992.

6, Jan. 1993.

7, Sept. 1993.

8, Feb. 1994.

11, Sept. 1997.
Purty Plotte. Car., Julie Doucette.
9, April 1995. 10, December 1996. 12, August 1998.


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