“A proud native of Belleville Ontario, Will Davies (1924-2016) is a legend of Canadian Commercial art with fashion layouts, story illustrations and advertising campaigns for clients such as Simpson’s, Chatelaine, Reader’s Digest, Homemakers, Star Weekly, Women’s Weekly (UK) and many other publications – as well as nine Canadian stamps. His stamp features one of his untitled Harlequin book covers.”                                                                                                                    Details. 3, March/April 2018: 6-7.

“I don’t think anyone should take themselves too seriously. Maybe your work you take seriously but you don’t become something special because of your work — your work is special, not yourself.”                                                                                Will Davies quote from Toronto Sun, 10 April 2018

A Belleville native, he was born 1924. He studied at the Ontario College of Art and later taught for 19 years at it when it was Ontario College of Art and Design. He was described as a superb teacher and mentor, renowned for his patience and kindness.

In addition to extensive work for book covers, advertising, etc, he did a 28 painting series’ for Canadian Pacific: that outlined the railway’s history and worked with other artists on a series of paintings for the Hudson’s Bay Company showing Canada’s past. Those works were included in a 1998 TV documentary called Empire of The Bay.

He died 2016.

On 5 April 2018, Canada Post honoured this illustrator along with four of his contemporaries Blair Drawson, Gérard Dubois, James Hill and Anita Kunz with a first day cover and commemorative stamps.


Article periodical:

Details. 3, March/April 2018: “Great Canadian Illustrators”: 6-7. Canada Post Corp.

Article newspaper:

Toronto Sun, 10 April 2018: “Canadian illustrator gets stamp of approval”. Writ., Liz Braun.


Pam Davies (L) and her sister Kerry stands next to a commemorative stamp showing a cover created for a Harlequin book illustrated by her father Will Davies on Friday April 6, 2018. Canada Post honours Will Davies as one of five Canadian illustrators featured on their latest stamps.

Pam Davies left and sister Kerry beside a copy of the commemorative stamp showing the Harlequin book cover. Photo taken by Vernonica Henri on 6 April 2018 for Toronto Sun 10 April 2018