The sixth season Corner Gas which was the number 1 sitcom in Canada over its entire run came to the Comedy Network as an animated series in 2017. The original live series cast except for Janet Wright (Emma) who passed away, was assembled to provide voices for the animated characters. In the first season, it was composed of thirteen half hour episodes.

Both the live action and animated series revolved around the interplay of a group of characters centered around a gas station in Dog River Saskatchewan.

Prairie Pantoons/355 Productions in Vancouver and Moving Mountoons/Vérité Films and Smiley Guy Studios in Toronto were involved in the production. Brett Butt, who is the creator and plays the principle character in the series, along with David Storey and Virginia Thompson is the producer. Brent, who with a friend started Windwolf Graphics which published his serial Existing Earth, was accepted into the animation program at Sheridan College but instead chose to be a successful stand up comedian.


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