Al Cooper created the characters “Captain Red Thortan”, “Clift Steele”, and “Scotty MacDonald” and took over the cartooning duties for “The Young Commandos” while at Bell Features & Publishing in the 1940’s. He was particularly good at drawing military equipment, aircraft, tanks etc. His drawings are the best to be found in the wartime comics.

Born in 1925 in Toronto, Al received some art training at Central Technical School, a composite high school in Toronto. His interest in art was such that he would go to an art gallery on Saturdays and through a window, he was too young to register, he would try to copy what the students were learning.

He was among the first artists to be used by Commercial Signs/Bell Features. His “Captain Red Thortan” and “Scotty MacDonald” appeared in the first issues of Active Comics and Dime Comics respectively both published February 1942, just six months after their single predecessor WOW Comics featuring the work of E.T. Legault. In fact, “Scotty MacDonald” actually appeared earlier in Maple Leaf Publishing’s Better Comics 1-3, May 1941, as a three-panel cartoon on the “Prize Winning Cartoons” page.

In Active Comics 13, we are told Al was with the R.C.A.F. at Uplands Station in Ottawa, doing victory bond posters. The single page panel says that “Captain Red Thortan” will reappear in the next issue and it did. Al continued to cartoon this serial and “Scotty MacDonald” at nights after he finished his day duties and to send the results to Bell Features; however, both these serials were reduced in length by about a half and Al dropped both “Clift Steele” and “Young Commandos” in Commando Comics. The first was taken over by Adrian Dingle and the second by Jerry Lazare.

In July 1944, he was shipped to the R.A.F. base Croft in England. He continued to send his work to Bell, but the logistics were apparently too difficult. His involvement with “Captain Red Thortan” ended with Active18 and was taken over by Fred Kelly with issue 20. “Scotty MacDonald simply ended with Dime 20. Meanwhile, he improved his technical skills by enrolling in a program at Bournemouth College of Art with the R.C.A.F. paying his tuition. Although in Joke Comics 26, Cy Bell expressed confidence that Al would return to the “Clift Steele”, “Captain Red Thorton” and “Scotty MacDonald, serials this turned out not to be the case. By the time Al returned to Canada, the industry was in its death throes.

He bought a Gestetner machine with his discharge money and began designing and printing for clients. He followed this with work as a graphic artist at an agency and later became a partner and creative director at Maple Leaf Press in Toronto in the 1950’s. In 1963, he started his own company called Cooper Graphics and Associates in Thornhill Ontario.

In community work, he was president of the Downsview Lodge of the B’nai B’rith and worked on developing their newspaper The Covenant. He was involved with the Herbie Foundation at the Hospital for Sick Children.

He died of a heart ailment at the Toronto General Hospital 7 January 1986.





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Bell kept its readers informed about the artists.

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