Born 1872, in Montréal.

In 1897 he began a successful career as a designer for the City of Montréal. Over the same period he worked as a political cartoonist for La Patrie and Le Nationaliste, combining it with a career illuminating manuscripts, used as state gifts. He was very popular and published several collections dealing with local politicians and social topics: the Church, the threatened French language, Irish immigrants and Montréal Jews. His biases towards the Jews reflected the prejudices of the day. He reputation has since suffered because of his ant-Semitic cartoons.

In 1920, he moved to New York and continued his career as a designer and illuminator of manuscripts.. He moved to France in 1928. He returned to Montréal and died in 1935.


Article book:

The Hecklers. Writ. & Ed.., Peter Desbarates & Terry Mosher. McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 1979: 100, 232-233.