Created by the father son team of Geoffrey and Scott Sterling the Newfoundland owners of Apache Communications International (Canada), it was drawn by U.S. artist Danny Bulanadi who had worked for Marvel.

“Captain Newfoundland” also known as “Samadhi” first appeared in 1980 as a cartoon feature in the St. John’s Sunday Herald. We discover that “Captain Newfoundland’s” ancestors came from another part of the cosmos and founded the great civilization of “Atlantis” on the continent of the same name. That continent was destroyed except for a tip of it which we now call Newfoundland.

In this feature we are also introduced to “Golden Dove”, “Captain Kundalini”, who is the son of “Captain Newfoundland” and “Captain Silver/Silver Warrior” who has a story virtually all to herself. Also introduced in the feature is “Captain Canada” aka ‘Daniel Eaton” who will be the greatest hero of all. All of these elements provide the launch pad for the more elaborate graphic novel Atlantis which features “Captain Canada”.

The newspaper features were gathered into a 120 page book called Captain Newfoundland: Special Collector’s Edition No. 1, 1981.



Content strip cartoon & Cover front, back & inside front:

Captain Newfoundland: Special Collector’s Edition No. 1, 1981, Writ., Geoffrey & Scott Stirling. Illus., Danny Bulanadi. St. John’s: Sunday Herald Ltd.


Article book:

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Article newspaper:

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CAPTAIN NEWFOUNDLANDCaptain Newfoundland, 1, 1981. Front cover.