2 October, 1995, Honouring Cartoonists:

Canada Post issued commemorative stamps honouring Joe Shuster, Leo Bachle, Adrian Dingle, Richard Comely, Gabriel Morrisssette: cartoonists who worked in the comic book industry. Taking in reportage and ancilliary material this must be the single largest stamp release in the history of the Canada Post.

Robert MacMillan was working at the Hamilton Mail Processing Plant at the time and arranged a show of the stamps and some comic books. He invited Leo Bachle living in Toronto and Richard Comely living in Cambridge to come to the show. A snow storm prevented Leo from coming but Richard did make what turned out to be a very popular event among the management and employees.

Below is a list of the material that was associated with this commemorative issue.

Booklet stamp, 2 of each title:

  • Joe Shuster. Superman. $0.45
  • Leo Bachle. Johnny Canuck. $0.45.
  • Adrian Dingle. Nelvana. $0.45.
  • Richard Comely. Captain Canuck. $0.45.
  • Gabriel Morrisssette. Fleur de Lys. $0.45.

Official First Day Cover:

  • 1 OFDC with one each of all 5 stamps.
  • 1 OFDC with one each of all 5 stamps plus 1 – $0.32 U.S.A. stamp featuring Flash Gordon.
  • 1 OFDC United States, with 1 – Superman, 1 – Johnny Canuck, 1 – Nelvana ,1 – Captain

Canuck for Canada and 1 – Dick Tracy, 1 – Alley Opp, 1 – Nancy, 1 – Li’l Abner, 1 – Terry and the Pirates, 1 – Prince Valiant for United States.

  • 1 OFDC with 2 Captain Canuck stamps on an 10 X 13 envelope bearing a Semple Comics return address, images of Captain Canuck and signed by Richard Comely.

Booklet of post cards, each booklet containing 5 post cards each showing an enlarged picture of each of the 5 stamps.


Canada Post. Canadian Stamps … Worth Collecting. July 1995 – December 1995. Plastic Sheets featuring stamps.


  • Canada 95: The Collection of 1995 Stamps. Ottawa: Canada Post, 1995.

Contest Entry Form:

Super Hero Search Contest. Done in conjunction with YTV.


  • Sheet. Short Cuts.


  • Stamp Travelers’ Club kit featuring 5 Canadian Super Heroe stamps.


  • Letterhead “October 2, 1995 First Day Issue of the Captain Canuck Postage Stamp” Includes illustration. Associated with this is an 8 ½ “X 11” sheet with a Captain Canuck drawing.


  • Canadian Stamp News Oct. 3-16 1995. includes on page 1 an image of the OFDC plus an inserts “Canadian Stamp News Just for Kids Special Section: October is Stamp
  • Insert “Canadian Stamp News Just for Kids Special Section: October is Stamp Month: Dynamic Defenders.”: 1-12.
  • Canadian Stamp News July 3 – 16, 2001:No author. “It’s a bird! It’s a plane, It’s a super Canadian”. 1, 27.
  • Collections Fall 1995: “Truth Justice and the Canadian Way/La vérité et la justice à la Canadienne.”: 1, 2-3.
  • Details Sept./Oct. 1995. no author. “Comic Book Superheroes!”: 5-8.
  • Equinox Jan. – Feb. 1996: Kulyk, Christine. “Titans of the True North.”:56-59.
  • Perf & Guage vol. 1, Spring / Summer 1996.creator (contest winner): Richard Lee, illustrator: Ronn Sutton, writer Janet Hetherington.
  • Performance Sept./Oct. 1995: no author. “Up Up and Away”: 12-14. includes 1 OFDC.
  • Performance Mar./Apr.1996: Kwan, Karen. “Meet Gauge, Canada’s newest super hero.”:16-17.


Merchandise, Tee shirt:

  • with image of Superman stamp on chest.
  • with image of Johnny Canuck stamp on chest.
  • with image of Nelvana stamp on chest.
  • with image of Captain Canuck stamp on chest.
  • with image of Fleur de Lys stamp on chest.


“Superheroes make super stamps.” Canadian Press. Brantford Expositor. 3 Oct. 1995: A1.

“Comic-book heroes to find fame again – on new stamps.” Writ., Henry Mietkiewicz, Toronto Sunday Star. 26 Aug. 1995: A1, A27..


  • Super Heroes Collector’s Pack, containing: 1 Perf & Guage Comic Book, 1 Super Hero Stamp

Booklet, 1 OFDC and special mounts.

  • Super Combo Pack containing: 1 Super Hero mouse pad, 1 Super hero Stamp Booklet, 5 Super Hero post cards and 1 OFDC.


  • Canada Post Corporation. October is Stamp Month. Shows the 5 Canadian superhero stamps.

Press Release:

  • Semple Comics. October 2, 1995 First Day Issue of the Captain Canuck Postage Stamp.Cambridge: 2 October 1995.

5 April 2017 Honouring Illustrators:

Canada Post issued stamps honouring Will Davies, Blair Drawson, Gerard Dubois, James Hill and Anita Kunz.

Issue included:

  • 1 booklet of ten stamps
  • 1 souvenir sheet of 5 stamps
  • 1, OFDC with Souvenir sheet.