“My style has a lot to do with my personality. I’d like to be able to work more loosely but I keep on defining and defining.”

She was part of a group of young Toronto graphic artists in the late 1980’s, which included Blair Drawson, Jeff Jackson, Anita Kunz, Maurice Vellekoop and Rene Zamic whose work had spread throughout both the North American and European markets. . “I was in New York at a symposium a couple of weeks ago and everyone was talking about what a hotbed of talent Toronto has become.” Said Kunz, “Art directors now seem to be on the look out for people from Toronto.”

She specialized in book jackets such as the cover for Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye and magazine illustrations for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Post Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Saturday Night, Toronto Life, and Washington Life among others. About half of her work was for the U.S. market.


Article newspaper:

The Toronto Star, 20 Nov. 1988: Vital Designs.” Writ., Christopher Hume: G1.