A person sitting at a table sewing Description automatically generatedTaken from Transatlantic Agency Website.

“My style has a lot to do with my personality. I’d like to be able to work more loosely but I keep on defining and defining.”                                                              The Toronto Star, 20 Nov. 1988: G1.

She was part of a group of young Toronto graphic artists in the late 1980’s, which included Blair Drawson, Jeff Jackson, Anita Kunz, Maurice Vellecoup and Rene Zamic whose work had spread throughout both the North American and European markets. “I was in New York at a symposium a couple of weeks ago and everyone was talking about what a hotbed of talent Toronto has become.” Said Kunz, “Art directors now seem to be on the lookout for people from Toronto.”

She specialized in book jackets such as the cover for Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye and magazine illustrations for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Post Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Saturday Night, Toronto Life, and Washington Life among others. About half of her work was for the U.S. market.




Cover dust jacket:

Cat’s Eye. Writ., Margaret Atwood. McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 1988.

Life of Pi. Writ., Yann Martel. Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 2001.


Content essay:

Saturday Night, 112-6, July/August 1997:                                                                                   “flavour of the month” Writ., Jennifer Dell: 12.                                                                     “in the lion’s den”. Writ., Stephen Finucan: 67,  69.

Saturday Night, 114-4, May 1999: “Where it Comes From Where it Goes”. Writ., Bill Gaston: 82-83.

Saturday Night, 114-10, Dec. 1999/ Jan. 2000:                                                                           “What Have We Done?”. Writ., Christopher Moore: 37.                                                     “Too many Solitudes”. Writ., David Frum: 39.                                                                     “Failing Health”. Writ., Michael Bliss: 42.                                                                             “Exile Fiction”. Writ., Pico Iyer: 46.

Content essay:

Radio Guide, 5-4, April 1985: “A Voice Abroad”. Writ., Mark Abley: 39.

Radio Guide, 5-9, September 1985: “Beirut Dispatch”. Writ., Patrick Brown: 3.

Content story:

Toronto Life, 31-11, August 1997: “Heart Lake”. Writ., Erika de Vasconcelos: 79.

Content essay & Cover front:

Radio Guide, 5-12, December 1985: “A Christmas Coral”. Writ., Lister Sinclair: 3.


Article newspaper:

The Toronto Star, 20 Nov. 1988: “Vital Designs.” Writ., Christopher Hume: G1.



A newspaper page with a drawing of a landscape Description automatically generatedRadio Guide, 5-4, April 1985: 39.

A cover of a magazine Description automatically generatedRadio Guide, 5-12, December 1985: Front cover.

A close-up of a postcard Description automatically generatedRadio Guide, 5-12, December 1985: 3.

A book cover of a person in a black robe Description automatically generatedCat’s Eye. Writ., 1988. Dust jacket front.

A close-up of a person's face Description automatically generatedToronto Life, 31-11, August 1997: 79.

A newspaper article with a cartoon character Description automatically generatedSaturday Night, 112-6, July/August 1997: 12.

A newspaper with a cartoon of a person holding a flag Description automatically generatedSaturday Night, 114-10, December 1999/ January 2000: 37.

A book cover with a tiger face Description automatically generatedLife of Pi. 2001: Dust jacket front.