The history of Canadian Screen Awards for animation can be said to go back to the Canadian Film Awards established by the Canadian Association For Adult Education in 1949. They were “Film of the Year” honours. 13.

This arrangement didn’t satisfy many in the industry and so the Academy of Canadian Cinema was organized in 1979 and the Genie Awards were established in 1980. A category for animated films was established during the years there were not enough animated films to fill it, live action short films were included. It was then called “Best Theatrical Short Film”

In 1985, the Academy of Canadian Cinema was expanded to include television. Its name was changed to the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. In 1986, the Gemini Award was added to cover the television part of the industry. The animated category was titled “The Gemini Award for Best Animated Program or Series”.

In 2012 the Genie and Gemini Awards were combined to create the Canadian Screen Awards with a category for “Best Animated Short” but no category for “Program or Series”. . As of 2019, Genie/Canadian Screen Awards, multiple winners have been, Marcy Page, 8; Michael Scott, 3; Chris Landreth, 3; Marc Bernard, 3; John Weldon 3. Interestingly, all have worked with the National Film Board.

Canadian Film Award

1949, 1st

Special Award

Chantons Noël

In recognition of his experimental work

Jean-Paul Ladouceur

Norman McLaren

1950, 2nd Special Award: Begone Dull Care Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart
1951, 3rd Special Award: Family Tree George Dunning, Evelyn Lambart
1952, 4th Special Award: Around Is Around,

Now Is The Time

Norman McLaren for experiments in 3d film making,
1953, 5th Special Award: Neighbours &

A Phantasy

Norman McLaren
1955, 7th One Little Indian Grant Munroe
1956, 8th Special Mention: Experiment in Animation Donna Mortinez
1958, 10th A Chairy Tale Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart, Claude Jutra
1961 Universe

Lines Horizontal

Colin Low, Roman Kroitor

Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart

1966, 18th Syrinx Ryan Larkin
1968, 20th Un enfant du pays (Honourable Mention) Pierre Moretti
1969, 21st Walking Ryan Larkin
1970, 22nd To See Or Not To See (Psychocratie) Břetislav Pojar
1971, 23rd Evolution Michael Mills
1972, 24th Dans la vie Pierre Veilleux
1973, 25th The Family That Dwelt Apart Yvon Mallette
1975, 26th The Owl Who Married a Goose Caroline Leaf
1976, 27th The Street Caroline Leaf
1977, 28th Spinnollo John Weldon
1978, 29th Afterlife Ishu Patel

Genie Award

1980, 1st Every Child Eugene Fedorenko
1986, 7th The Big Snit Michael Scott, Richard Condie
1987, 8th Get A Job Brad Castor, Michael Scott, Derek Mazur
1989, 10th The Cat Came Back Richard Condie, Cordell Barker
1990, 11th Juke-Bar Martin Barry
1992, 13th Strings Wendy Tilby
1993, 14th Pearl’s Dinner Lynn Smith
1997, 18th La vieille dame et les pigeons Sylvain Chomet, Bernard Lajoie, Didier Brunner
1998, 19th Bingo Andy Jones, Kevin Tureski, Chris Landreth
1999 20th When Day Breaks Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis, David Verrall
2000m 21st Village of Idiots Rose Newlove, Michael Scott, David Verrall, Eugene Fedorenko
2001m 22nd The Boy Who Saw The Iceberg Marcy Page, Paul Driessen
2002m 23rd The Hungry Squid Marcy Page, John Weldon
2003, 24th Falling In Love Again Munro Ferguson, Marcy Page
2004, 25th Ryan Marcy Page, Steven Hoban, Mark Smith, Chris Landreth
2005, 26th cNote Michael Fukushima, Christopher Hinton
2006, 27th The Danish Poet Torill Kove, Lisa Fearniey, Marcy Page
2007, 28th Madame Tutil-Putli Maciek Szczerbowski, Chris Lavis, Marcy Page
2008, 29th Isabelle au bois dormant Claude Cloutier, Marcel Jean
2009, 30th Runaway Derek Mazur, Cordell Barker, Michael Scott
2010, 31st Lipsett Diaries Theodore Ushev, Marc Bertrand
2011, 32nd Romance George Schwizgebel, René Chénier, Marc Bertrand

Gemini Award


1986, 1st For Better Or For Worse: The Bestest Present W.H. Stevens Jr.
1987, 2nd Babar and Father Christmas Merilyn Read, Alison Clayton
1988, 3rd The Raccoons Kevin Gillis, Sheldon S. Wiseman
1989, 4th Babar Patrick Loubert, Leona Hume, Clive A. Smith, Michael Hirsh
1990, 5th Babar Series Series II M. Hirsh, P. Loubert, , C. A. Smith
1991 No awards
1992, 6th Babar M. Hirsh, P. Loubert, , C. A. Smith
1993, 7th The Adventures of Tin Tin M. Hirsh, P. Loubert, , C. A. Smith
1994, 8th Dog City M. Hirsh, P. Loubert,, C. A. Smith
1995, 9th Reboot Ian Pearson, Christopher J. Brough, Jay Firestone
1996, 10th Reboot I. Pearson, C. J. Brough, Stéphane Reichel, Steve Barron
1997, 11th Reboot I. Pearson, C. J. Brough, S. Reichel
1998, 12th         (March) Stickin’ Around M. Hirsh, P. Loubert
1998, 13th         (October) Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police M. Hirsh, P. Loubert, C. A. Smith, Stephen Hodgins, Robert Ross, J.D. Smith, Gwenn Saunders Eckel
1999, 14th Rolie Polie Olie M. Hirsh, P. Loubert, C. A. Smith, Fabrice Giger, William Joyce
2000, 15th Angela Anaconda Beth Stevenson, Neil Court, John Mariella, Steve Denure, Joanne Ferrone, Sue Rose,
2001, 16th Oliver’s Adventures Michael-Andreas Kuttner, Jessica Andrews, Steven J. P. Comeau
2002, 17th Aaagh! It’s the Mr. Hell Show! J. Falconer, Christopher J. Bough
2003, 18th Doodlez Gretha Rose
2004, 19th Doodlez Gretha Rose
2005 18th Dragon Booster Asaph Fipke, Ken Faier, Kevin Mowrer
2006, 19th Bromwell High Cheryl Taylor, Mario Stylianides, Beth Stevenson, Jimmy Mulville, Anil Gupta, Neil Court, Steve Denure
2007 20th Skyland Vince Commisso, Steve Jarosz, Marilyn McAuley
2008, 21st Chop Stocky Chooks Miles Bullough, Neil Court, Steve Denure, Peter Lord, Beth Stevenson, Jacqueline White
2009, 22nd Life’s a Zoo Adam Shaheen
2010, 23rd Glenn Martin DDS Adam Shaheen
2011, 24th Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Doug Murphy, Tina Chow, Ira Singerman, Irene Weibel, Audu Paden, Chuck Johnson, Barry Waldo, Ken Faier, Ace Fipke, Pam Lehn,

Canadian Screen Awards

2012, 1st Paula Theodore Ushev, Marc Bertrand
2013, 2nd Subconscious Password George Schwizgebel, René Chénier, Marc Bertrand
2014, 3rd Me and My Moulton Lisa Fearniey, Torill Kove, Marcy Page
2015, 4th The Ballad of Immortal Joe Hector Herrera, Pazit Cahlon
2016, 5th Blind Vaysha Theodore Ushev, Marc Bertrand
2017, 6th The Tesla World Light Matthew Rankin, Julie Roy
2018, 7th Animal Behaviour Alison Snowden, David Fine, Michael Fukushima
2019, 8th Giant Bear Neil Christopher, Daniel Gies, Emily Page




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