Van CAMP Richard

Van CAMP Richard

Originally from Fort Smith North West Territories.

He graduated from the En”owkin International School of Writing, earned a BFA in Writing from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from University of British Columbia. He wrote for the CBC television series “North of 60” (1992-1998) for two months under the Writer Internship Program then remained as script and culture consultant for four seasons. He has taught creative writing at University of British Columbia, Creative Writing and Story Telling at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, and was Writer in Residence at the University of Alberta (2011 & 2012) and Grant McEwen University (2013 & 2014), both in Edmonton.

In addition to those listed below, he has written the graphic novel Blue Raven illustrated by Scott B. Henderson. In addition he has written three what can be best described as graphic instruction or information booklets, Path Of The Warrior (illus., Steve Sanderson), Kiss Me Deadly (illus., Chris Auchter), and Spirit (illus., Emily Brown).

He has written four collections of text short stories: Angel Wing Splash Pattern, The Moon of Letting Go, Godless But Loyal To Heaven and Night Moves.

His text novel The Lesser Blessed, was made into a feature film, which was presented in September 2012 at the Toronto International Film Festival. He has published a second novel Whistle which continues some of the themes and follows some of the characters of The Lesser Blessed.

He has also written two children’s books, with George Littlechild. His baby book Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for New Borns was the official selection of the Books for BC Babies program and was given to all new born BC babies in 2008.

He has received the Canadian Author’s Association/Air Canada Award for most promising new author, and the Jugendileraturpeis Award the highest German award given for a translation among other awards for The Lesser Blessed translated by Ulrich Plezdorf. .




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