He has illustrated for both the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

His technique is scratch boarding. He takes an artist’s black Bristol board and uses a sharp instrument to scratch and define the subject he was illustrating. He was taught the technique of scratch boarding by the legendary editorial cartoonist Duncan Macpherson who was his idol. Macpherson was a guest lecturer at the Ontario College of Art in 1976 when Summers was a student there. Summers remembered, “He was extremely helpful and gave me a lot of encouragement.”

He wanted to portray authors and so about 1985 he took his work to the art director of the New York Times Book Review. At the time the Review was experimenting using illustrators outside New York. As a result Summers was hired to do highly stylized portraits of authors in scratchboard and has been kept busy ever since.




Content novel & Cover dust jacket:

God Bless Us Every One! Writ., Andrew Angus Dalrymple. Methuen Publications, 1985.


Article newspaper:

The Toronto Star, 2 Dec. 1995: “Making their mark.” Writ., Michael Hanlon: K5.