STEELE Theodore (Tedd) Arthur

Born 1922 in Toronto.

He worked for Bell Features cartooning “Dixon of the Mounted”, “Thurderfist” and other odd features.

After working as a cartoonist for Bell Features, Tedd wrote several novels for Toronto News Stand Library. Brian Busby wrote a less than complimentary review of Artists Models and Murder in his nostalgic look at past Canadian efforts in The Dusty Bookcase (2017). Busby asks, “Did Tedd Steele Do the cover illustration?” Look at the image below and judge for yourself. Another question is: was he the author of the other cover illustrations for this series. It is worth knowing that the News Stand Series published 2 prominent Canadian authors: Waste No Tears by Hugh Garner and Winter Time by Raymond Souster.

News Stand Library was owned by Export Publishing Enterprises (1948-1951). Interestingly enough a Frank Steele was Vice President and Harry M. Steele was Managing Editor. The company published two lines of pocket books. It also published pulps and comic books. The latter were predominantly U.S. reprints but Export did publish two apparently original titles Science Comics 2 issues 1951 and Captain Hobby Comics 1 issue. Whether or not Tedd was involved with these is not known.






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Content novel crime:

Artists Models and Murder, Toronto News Stand Library, 1948.


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C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE BY CARTOONIST\S\STEELE Tedd, Artists Models & Murder, 1948, fc.jpg                    Illus., Tedd Steele (?). Artists Models and Murder, 1948. Front cover.