“You can’t pretend to be international. You have to be local. It’s Michel Tremblay who said that: The best way to have international success is to stay local. I’m from Montréal and I’m not someone who travels a lot, so My stories are rooted in Québec and the language I use is also very Québécois. The narration is proper international French but the dialogue is more Québécois and Montréalaise.”          Michel Rabagliati, Globe & Mail, 12 Sept. 2015: E6.

Born 1961 in Montréal.

He initially worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. He did not begin cartooning until his thirties when inspired by the work of Gregory Gallant (Seth) and Chester Brown, he quit his job as a graphic designer.

The “Paul” of the series is semi-autobiographical based on Rabagliati himself. It tells the story of the every day experiences of a Québécois and as such celebrates Québec culture.

In 2001, he won the Harvey Award for “Best New Talent” .He received the 2006 Doug Wright Award Best Book  for Paul Moves Out, an English translation of Paul en appartement.

His 2009 graphic novel Paul à Québec was turned into a live action motion picture which opened September 2015.To accompany the film, the Musée national des beaux-arts opened a exhibition of Michel’s art. He won the 2013 Doug Wright Best Book Award of The Song Of Roland an English translation of Paul à Québec. and the 2015 Doug Wright Best Book Award for Paul Joins the Scouts, an English translation of Paul au Parc.




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C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE COVER PERIODICAL\TADDLE CREEK, 39, Summer 2017, fc.jpg Taddle Creek, 39, Summer, 2017: Front cover.