This character created by Jason Loo, is a friend and co-adventurer of Pitiful Human Lizard.  He lives underground – in a sewer? He has befriended rats and become their leader.


PERIODICAL GRAPHIC:                                                                                                  * Do not rely on issue dates.

Content Serial:

Pitiful Human-Lizard, …: “…” Cartoonist Jason Loo. Chapterhouse Comics
4, Dec. 2015: “The Lizard & The Rat Go To Market.”

5, Aug. 2015: “All Together Now.”

12, Apr. 2017: “Back In The Day.”

Content story:

Pitiful Human-Lizard, 9, Aug. 2016: “The Bear and The Rat.” Car., Jason Loo.

Pitiful Human-Lizard, 10, Oct.. 2016: “The Vortex Beast.” Car., Jason Loo. Col., Meaghan Carter.


C:\Users\Robert\Documents\CARTOONING ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION\IMAGE CARTOON\IMAGE CARTOON M\MAJESTIC RAT, Pitiful Human Lizard 12, 19.jpg“Back In The Day.” Car., Jason Loo. The Pitiful Human Lizard, 12: 19.