This character was created by Jay Odijik and first appeared in 2004 as The Raven in a three issue mini comic. A few years later it was picked up by Arcana Comics and issued as a graphic novel called Kagagi: The Raven. For this publication Jay modified the character slightly. Then Jay and Sean Patrick O’Reilly publisher of Arcana made a proposal to the specialty channel APTN to produce a half hour animated series. The proposal was accepted and Kagagi: The Raven debuted on APTN October 5, 2014 as a 13 episode series. Jay was lead writer and designer and executive producer Sean was director and producer.

Kagagi is Matthew Carver who inherits from his ancestors superhuman powers which he uses to hold the evil Windigo in check. The character is inspired by the trickster hero “Raven” of Anishinabe legends.


Book graphic:

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