“People are always asking how long it takes to draw a cartoon. They don’t understand it takes a lifetime.”                                                                           Jacques Gagnier, The Hecklers: 237.

Born 1917 in Montréal. In 1934 & 1935 he studied at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts. In 1952 he joined the Star [Montréal] as office boy and later moved to the art department where he did occasional spot cartoons. In the early 1960’s he diversified into commercial art and dabbled in film and became involved in the plastic arts while free-lancing for the Gazette [Montréal] He was later hired on at the Gazette as staff artist and cartoonist. He died 1978 in Montréal.


Book text:

The Hecklers. Writ. & Ed.., Peter Desbarates & Terry Mosher. McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 1979: 237.