DAY Arthur Thomas Daniel (Dan)

Brother to Gene and David Day. All brothers were based in Gananoque Ontario.






The Champion. March 1990: “Flight.” 26-31. Special Studio.




Day Brothers Presents, 1990: “Breed”: Let., Debra J. Hetherington. 1-4,





The Champion, Special Studio, March 1990.



The Champion, March 1990: “The Champion.” Writ., Doug Moench: 1-26.  Special Studio


 Cover :


Aztec Ace.
1-2, Apr. 1984.

1-3  June 1984

1-4, July 1984.

1-5, July 1984.

1-11, Mar. 1985.

1-12, Apr. 1985.

1-6, Aug. 1984.

1-11 March 1985

1-12 Apr. 1985.




Day Brothers Present,
1-1, May 1990. 1-3, May 1990. [Probably July 1990] 1-4, 1990.



Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin, 1-3, Aug. 1985: “God’s Good Children.” Writ., Gene Day.

Story graphic:

Day Brothers Present, 1-3, May 1990: “God is Gracious” Writ., Gene Day. Let., Debra J. Heatherington: 1-5.

Day Brothers Present, 1-2, June 1990: “Hellstorm Locust”, Writ., Gordon Derry: 1+.

Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin, 1-1, April 1985: “Winged Jupiter.” Writ., Gene Day. Let., Joe Erslavas..

Day Brothers Present, 1-3, May 1990: “…” Writ., Gene Day.
“Pyre!”: 6-13. “Shroud of Tattered Grey”: 14-22.


Day Brothers Present, 1-4, May 1990:“…”Writ., Gene Day.
“King Soloman’s Minds”: 13-20. “The Observer”: 25-27.


Note: Cases of Sherlock Holmes 1 to 15 were published by Renegade Press. Apparently there was no issue 16. Cases of Sherlock Holmes, 17 and Sherlock Holmes,Chronicles of Crime & Mystery 1-1 were published by Northstar.

Cover :


Cases of Sherlock Holmes. Renegade Press.
12, Mar.1988. 13, May.1988. 14, July.1988. 15, Sept.1988


Cases of Sherlock Holmes. 17, 1989. North Star Productions.

Sherlock Holmes, Chronicles of Crime & Mystery 1-1, Feb. 1992. North Star Productions.



Cases of Sherlock Holmes … “…” Writ., Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.. Renegade Press
1, May 1986:: “The Adventure of The Beryl Coronet”: 1-26

2, July 1986: “The Adventures of the Dancing Men”: 1-26.

3, Sept. 1986: “The Strange Adventure of the Vourdalak”: 1-26.

4, Nov. 1986: “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons”: 1-26.

5, Jan. 1987: “The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb”: 1-26.

6, Mar.1987: “The Adventure of the Resident Patient”:  1-27.

7, Mar. 1987: “The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual”: 1-27.

8, July 1987: “A Scandal in Bohemia”: 1-27.

9, Sept. 1987: “The Adventure of the Copper Beaches”: 1-27.

10, Nov. 1987: “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter”: 1-27.

11, Jan. 1988: “The Adventure of Black Peter”: 1-27.

12, Mar. 1988: “The Adventure of Silver Blaze”: 1-27.

13, May. 1988: “The Adventure of the Naval Treaty: pt. 1”: 1-23.

14, July 1988: “The Adventure of the Naval Treaty: pt. 2”:  1-27.

15, no date: “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton”:  1-27.

Cases of Sherlock Holmes, 17, no date: “The Adventure of The Abbey Grange.” Writ., Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: 1-23.  North Star Productions.

Sherlock  Holmes,Chronicles of Crime &Mystery: 1-1, February 1992: “The Adventure of the Speckled Bird.” 1+. North Star Productions.





Aztec Ace :…” Writ., Doug Monech. In., Nestor Redondo. Col., Denis McFarling & Phil Dewalt. Let., Esphid Mahilum & Pete Sulit.
1-3  June 1984: “Mummy Dust”: 1-28.

1-4  July 1984: “Necropolis Nights”: 1-28.

1-5  July 1984: “The Slain Slug of 1940”: 1-28.


Aztec Ace 1-6  Aug. 1984: Time Bomb.” Writ., D. Monech. In., N. Redondo. Col., P. Dewalt. Let., E. Mahilum & P. Sulit: 1-28.


Aztec Ace …: Writ., D. Monech. In., N. Redondo. Col., P. Dewalt. Let., Pete Iro.,
1-7  Oct. 1984: “Murdicide.”:1-28 1-8  Dec.. 1984: “Mousing for Galileo.”:1-28.


Aztec Ace:…” Writ., Doug Monech. In., Ron Harris. Col., Phil Dewalt. Let., Carrie Spiegle.
1-10  Feb.1984[5]: “Lord of the Smoking Mirror.” 1-28.

1-11  Mar.1985: “Reflections in a Demon’s Eye.” 1-28.


Aztec Ace 1-12  Apr.1985: In Bloody Pulp.” Writ., D. Monech. In., Mike Gustovich. Col., Steve Oliff & Phil Dewalt. Let., C. Spiegle. 1-26.


Aztec Ace, 1-13  May.1985: “Fading Spirits.” Writ., D. Monech. In., M. Gustovich. Col., S. Oliff. Let., C. Spiegle:1-26.


Aztec Ace, 1-15  Sept.1985: “Relax Bridget Goes to Hollywood.” Writ., D. Monech. In., M. Gustovich. Col.,  S. Oliff & S. Parsons. Let., C. Spiegle: 1-26.

Batman, 47-527, June 1983: “Avatars of Vengeance.” Writ., Doug Moench. In., Pablo Marcos. Let., Ben Oda. Col., Adrienne Roy.




Story :

Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin, 1-2, June 1985: “E. Pluribus Unum.” Writ., Gene day. In., Dave Day: 1-6. Also in Day Brothers Present, 1-4, 1990: 21-24.





Day Brothers  Present,1-1, May 1990: “….” Writ., Kevin McConnell. Pen., David Day. Let., Debra J. Heatherington.
“Burial Rites”: 14+ “Grave Mistake”: 18+.





Aztec Ace, 1-6 August 1984: Co-illus., Nestor Redondo,

Aztec Ace, 1-7, Oct. 1984: Co-illus., T. Yates,

Aztec Ace, 1-8, Dec. 1984: Co-illus., Nestor Redondo.

Aztec Ace, 1-9, Jan. 1985: Co-illus., Ron Harris.

Aztec Ace, 1-10, Feb. 1984: Co-illus.,  T. Yates.

Aztec Ace, 1-13 May 1985: Co-illus.,  Gustovich.


Cases of Sherlock Holmes:  Co-illus., David Day,
1, May 1986.

3, Sept. 1986.

4, Nov. 1986.

5, Jan. 1987.

6, Mar.1987.

7, Mar. [May?]1987.

8, July 1987

9, Sept. 1987.

10, Nov.1987.

11, Jan. 1988.


New Triumph Featuring Northguard, 1-2 1985: Co-illus., David Day.

New Triumph Featuring Northguard, 1-4 1986: Co-illus., David Day..

Wrap around:

Cases of Sherlock Holmes, 2, July 1986: Co-illus., David Day,




Day Brothers Present, 1-2, June 1990: Co-illus., David Day.



Day Brothers Presents, 1-2, June 1990: “The Fly.” Writ., Randy Sauve. Co-illus., David Day:12+

Day Brothers Presents, 1-2, June 1990:  “Morella.” Adapted from Edgar Allen Poe by Rich Margopoules. Co-illus., David Day. Let., Debra  J. Heatherington.:16+





Amazing Spiderman: Chaos In Calgary, 1-4, 1992. Penciller., Jim Craig. D. Day is an inconclusive identification.



Amazing Spiderman: Chaos In Calgary, 1-4, 1992: Writ., Scott Lobell. Pen., Jim Craig. Co-Ink., David Day. Let., Dave Sharpe. Col., George Roussos: 1-30. “This book has been sponsored by Petro-Canada to support Right-Riders Bicycle and Road Safety Program in Canada, promote social skills and a positive lifestyle. Content has been provided by Health & Welfare Canada and distribution by Canada Post is through Canadian Police Forces. The co-operation of the staff of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede is greatly appreciated.”

Amazing Spiderman: Dead Ball, 1-5, 1993. Occurs in Montréal. Writ., Adam Blaustein. Pen., Jim Craig. Co-Ink., David Day. Let., John Babcock. Col., George Roussos: 1-30. “This book 5th in a special series presented by the  Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police has been sponsored by Petro-Canada to support the Right-Riders Bicycle and Road Safety Program. Special thanks go to the Montreal Expos Baseball Club for their cooperation. Content has been provided by Health & Welfare Canada. Distribution to Canadian Police Forces is by Canada Post….”

These periodicals are part of a 5 issue Canadian series. The other issues are: 1-1, 1990, Skating On Thin Ice. occurring in Winnipeg, 1-2, 1990, Double Trouble in Fredericton and 1-3, 1991, Hit and Run in Toronto. The series was done in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and other participants. See each issue for full information. In addition to the American writers and artists, Canadians Todd McFarlane, Jim Craig and the Day Brothers contributed to the covers, while Craig pencilled issues 1-3 to 1-5, and the Day Brothers inked issues 1-4 & 1-5.  See McFARLANE Todd, CRAIG Jim, DAY Dan & DAY David. The series was also issued in French. Marvel Comics then reprinted the first 4 issues of the series under reprint editor Glen Herdling who was also the editor of the last 2 issues of the original series. All of the issues of this reprint series were published Feb. 1993. None of the Canadian Associations were acknowledged.


Sherlock Holmes 3 Cases of Sherlock Holmes, 15, Sept..1988.

Aztec Ace Aztec Ace, 1-4, July 1984.