CONUNDRUM PRESS                                                                                                Location: Greenwich Nova Scotia.                                                Owner/Publisher/Editor: Andy Brown.

Contributors:                                                                                                                Temple Bates, Jimmy Beaulieu, David Collier, Philippe Girard, David Lapp, Rebecca Kraatz, Julian Lawrence, Joe Ollman, Michel Rabagliati, Zach Worton

It was founded in 1996 by Andy Brown in Montréal as a literary publisher. Over time Brown shifted it publishing activities to graphics and by 2011 it was publishing graphic material only. In the same year he moved to Wolfville in Nova Scotia. Brown also expanded his line under the imprint BDANG to include English translations of the works of Québec creators.

During its early days Conundrum and Brown benefitted from a close association with Drawn and Quarterly and Chris Oliveros.

Dave Collier found Andy Brown “unique in comics” in that unlike the publishers of Fantagraphics and Drawn and Quarterly Brown took ver active role in editing the books he published.



The Adventures of Drippy The Newsboy: Drippy’s Mama. Car., Julian Lawrence. 2015.

The Adventures of Drippy The Newsboy: The Red Drip Of Courage. Car., Julian Lawrence.2015.

Children of the Atom. Car., David Lapp. 2010.

Collier’s Popular Press: David Collier’s 30 Years on the Newsstand. Car., David Collier. 2011.

The Disappearance of Charley Butters. Car., Zach Worton. 2015.

Drop-in. Car., David Lapp. 2008.

Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People. Car., Joe Ollman. 2014.

Hermodities. Car., Temple Bates, 2011.

Killing Velazquez. Car., Philippe Girard. Trans. Kerryann Cochrane. 2011

My neighbour’s bikini. Car., Jimmy Beaulieu. Trans., Kerry Ann Cochrane. 2014.

Paul Joins the Scouts.. Car., Michel Rabagliati Trans., Helge Dascher. 2013.

Ruts & Gullies: Nine Days in Saint Petersburg. Car., Philippe. Girard Trans. Kerryann Cochrane. 2010.

Snaps. Car., Rebecca Kraatz. 2011.

Suddenly Something Happened. Car., Jimmy Beaulieu. Trans., Kerry Ann Cochrane. 2010.


BDQ: Essays & Interviews On Quebec Comics. Ed., Andy Brown. BDang/Conundrum, 2017.


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