CLAY Charles

CLAY Charles

Born in 25 July 1906 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In his youth he worked as a farmer, railway section hand and hotel cook. From 1925 to 1929, he taught in an aboriginal community school in northern Manitoba and was made a Fellow of the Canadian Geographical Society and American Geographical Society for his research among the Swampy Cree. From 1929 he worked as a journalist, editorial writer, book review editor becoming a freelance writer and public relations council. In 1935, he graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

He was the secretary of the Canadian Author’s Association, Executive Secretary of the Canadian Writer’s Foundation, and Director of the Canadian Research and Editorial Institute. He was also member of the Canada Club, the Canadian Historical Society, the Canadian Political Science Association and the Institute Canada Français.

He wrote, Swampy Cree Legends (1938), Young Voyageur (1938), Fur Trade Apprentice (1940) So You Want A War Job, (1942) and Phantom Fur Thieves (1944).

The historical fiction below seems to be the only story he wrote for Canadian Heroes .





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Legend Swampy Cree graphic:

“How The Frog Got Hind Legs.” Adaptor & Illus., George M. Rae. Canadian Heroes, 2-6, Oct. 1943: 43-46. Adapted from a story in Swampy Cree Legends gathered and translated by Charles Clay.


Periodical graphic:

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