This graphic story illustrated by Fred Jourdain is based on the trilingual play of the same name by Robert Lepage and Marie Michaud. This play in turn is a sequel to the “brilliant theatrical collaboration” The Dragons’ Trilogy by the same team.

“Pierre Lamontagne, a Québécois art dealer living in China, owns a gallery in Shanghai. Claire Forêt runs an advertising agency in Montréal. When Claire arrives in China to adopt a baby, she casts a decidedly western eye on Pierre’s existence in exile. Old attractions are rekindled, but simmering disapproval of each other’s life choices quickly erupts into confrontation. Enter Xiao Ling, a Chinese artist exhibiting her work at Pierre’s gallery. Xiao Ling, too, faces wrenching choices, and her predicament awakens hopes long buried in Claire. The highly charged intersection of these three passionate people opens new and unexpected doors on the future for them all.”



Content story & Cover book front:

 The Blue Dragon. Writ., Robert Lepage & Marie Michaud. Illus. Fred Jourdain. Trans. Of Mandarin, Min Sun. House of Anansi Inc. 2011.