ANDROMEDA PUBLICATIONS LTD.                                                                  Location: 321 Queen Street West, Toronto.                                                           Owner: Ron Van Leeuwen.

Contributors:                                                                                                                John Allison, Rany Bar-Elan, Jim Beveridge, Derek Carter, Gene Day, Marc Griffiths, George Henderson,Peter Hsu, Brian Lee,  Robert MacIntyre, Don Marshall, Tony Meers, Dean Motter, Tom Nesbitt, b.p. Nicol, George Olshevsky, Nick Poliwko, Franc Reyes, Paul Rivoche, Jason Ross, Ken Steacy, Ron VanLeeuwen.

It was owned and operated by retail outlet Silver Snail Comics Ltd. 321 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

It published a graphic magazine Andromeda which was co-edited by Dean Motter and Ron Van Leeuwen who was also its owner. He also owned Silver Snail Comics a retail outlet. The magazine was published from September 1977 to November 1979.



Andromeda, 2-1, Sept.1977. Ed., Dean Motter.

Andromeda, Ed., Dean Motter & Ron Van Leeuwen.
2-2, June 1978. 2-3, Sept. 1978. 2-4, Dec. 1978. 2-5, June 1979. 2-6, Nov.1979.



Arik Khan, Ed., Dean Motter & Ron Van Leeuwen.
1-1, September 1977.. 1-2, June 1978. 1-3, June 1979.