Major Domo & Jo- Jo was a serial created by Avrom Yanovsky under the nom de plume Armand. See YANOVSKY Avrom. It appeared in Bell Features & Publishing Co. periodicals Joke Comics, Dime Comics and Triumph Comics.

Major Domo, was portrayed as a Canadian soldier who lost both arms at the Second Battle of Arnhem Holland sometimes called the Liberation of Arnhem. Since this battle occurred in April 1945, Joke 21 where “Major Domo & Jo Jo” first appeared must have been published shortly after that date. After his recovery “Major Domo” became a “Special Agent For The United Nations Investigation Bureau”. His partner Jo-Jo was a former circus dwarf and World War 2 underground leader, “Domo” had befriended in Europe. Sometimes Jo-Jo provided Major Domo with arms by being strapped to the Major’s back. However, in Joke 23 Major Domo acquires a set of artificial arms.

In some ways “Major Domo & Jo-Jo” reflect the decline and demise of Bell Features. The feature was published in Joke Comics 21 to 25. Joke Comics 26 was the last in that series. It then appeared in Dime Comics 28 which was the last issue in that series. Finally it appeared in Triumph Comics 30, which was the second to last issue in that series.

Ken Gass incorporated this character in his play Hurray for Johnny Canuck. See JOHNNY CANUCK . The character was played by Jank Zajfman, who later performed on television as Tom Shaughnessey on My Life as a Dog, and in guest appearances on Murdoch Mysteries. He was a voice actor for the animated series The Adventures of Tin Tin.




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